Services and Pricing


The recipe is simple. Close more deals with potential clients — increase your catering & events revenue.


CLient Management

THM handles the day-to-day interactions with catering clients on behalf of your business.

Fee – Flat rate ranging from $300-$1500 per month, based on number of events per month.

Services include:

  • Managing client inquires 

  • Discussing services and pricing 

  • Generating quote and sending invoices 

  • Sending contracts 

  • Communicating event orders to your staff in real time 

  • Event follow up, survey & thank you note

Additionally we provide:     

  •  Client database maintenance

  • Monthly reports

  • Marketing emails 

Catering & Events Rebrand

THM can also upgrade your existing catering operation. If you feel like you need help with something specific, like branding or menu pricing, we can work with you on a project basis. Here are some examples of areas we can help:

·     Creating menus and brochures

·      Develop pricing scheme

·      Website consultation

·      Staff events and/or train staff

·      Create event handbooks or pack lists